Start fresh with landscape removal provided by Eco Tree in Fairport, Pittsford & Brighton, NY & serving Monroe County

Sometimes, you just have to say out with the old and in with the new. If you're installing a new landscape, you'll need to remove your old landscape first. Eco Tree provides complete landscape removal in Fairport, Pittsford & Brighton, New York. You can call on us to get rid of bushes, stumps and old flower beds. We even offer small tree removal. You'll have a space that's primed and ready for your next big project.

Not sure if we can handle your bush, stump or tree removal? Consult a pro from Eco Tree in Fairport, Pittsford & Brighton, New York today.

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Get guidance on landscape removal

Do you need to replace certain parts of your landscape? You can count on us to advise you on landscape removal. We can survey your home and outdoor space. If we notice any issues, we'll recommend updates and removals for your landscape. Maybe one of your trees is causing a safety hazard or your bushes are getting in the way of your irrigation system. Either way, we'll pose a cost-effective solution.

Find out how you can replace your landscape now by calling 585-474-8282.