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Trees don't always improve your home's appearance. If you have an unsightly or oversized tree in your yard, it could have a negative impact on the look of your property. Eco Tree offers tree removal services in the Fairport, Pittsford & Brighton, NY area. We can help by removing your unwanted trees and the stumps they leave behind.

We have years of experience clearing stumps and trees, so you can rest assured the job will be done safely, quickly and effectively. Schedule an appointment for the tree services you need right away.

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3 good reasons to remove a tree

Tree removal services aren't just for appearances' sake. In fact, there are several reasons you may want to remove a tree, like if it's:

  1. Blocking the view of your surroundings
  2. Leaning towards your home or another structure/li>
  3. Dead, decaying or severely damaged/li>

Can't decide if a tree needs to be removed? Ask our expert team if our tree removal services are right for you.